Monday, April 18, 2005

Are you aware there’s no contradiction between evolution and intelligent design?

Think about a pool table. 15 racked balls are struck by the cue ball, then bounce and collide. Say the 8 ball goes in a pocket. Is that random chance? It appears so, but that’s only because we never bothered to map out all the relationships between all the balls bouncing around. But ask any pool player and he’ll tell you, if you racked the balls in exactly the same way, and struck the cue on the same table with exactly the same force in the same direction, you’ll sink that 8 ball on every break.

The development of man on earth is like that 8 ball. The 4 ball is the environment, the 7 ball is the physics of why DNA mutates sometimes, several others are the other species of animals on earth and the ecosystem all of that creates. If you believe in god, or an intelligent design, that’s the person who made the table, chose the weight and size of the balls, and that’s the person who struck the cue. If you believe in science, that’s the relationship of the balls on the table to each other, and the laws of nature which guided their interaction. Two parts of the same game.

If you believe in intelligent design, you don’t have to ignore the other balls bouncing around the table, nor conclude that the 8 ball went in the pocket only because a hand put it there. If you believe in God, it should be clear that God’s a much more subtle and skilled pool player than that.

If you want to study science, to learn the sequence of which ball struck which, and figure out how the 8 ball landed in the pocket after the break, you don’t have to conclude nobody struck the cue. Who called the shot is a totally different question.


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